well bred. well read. well fed.

​​Well Bred is a bakery without a storefront specializing in slow-breads and sweet & savoury pastries, including rich, butter-only viennoiserie. You can find out us throughout the year at the Duncan Farmers Market on Vancouver Island.  

Bakery owners Mark Primmer and Shannon Peck take an odd duck approach to the baking and selling of breads and pastries from their smallholding in Chemainus, BC.  

Well Bred was founded in the spring of 2011, and occupies a 300 square foot converted art studio on the owner's property cohabited by a flock of chickens, an illiterate yellow Labrador named Cedar, a senile cat and the occasional rogue raccoon. It is certainly the only bakery in Canada that features a fine taxidermy collection.

Who is Well Bred?​